Data analysis service
for child consultation centers
and municipalities

What is AiCAN Insight?

「Insight is a data analysis service for child welfare organizations and municipalities. It visualizes trends in cases and responses by analyzing data related to child welfare issues. By quantifying the difficult-to-explain trends in welfare work, Insight can help organizations identify and prioritize issues and propose policies. It is also recommended for municipalities who would like to try utilizing data analysis before introducing the AiCAN service.

*Please note that only digital data with structured fields can be analyzed and free-form text or paper records are not included. The ability to analyze data varies depending on the content of the digital data. The report is provided in PDF format, but printed reports can be delivered as an optional service.

What Insight Can Do

Examples of Data Analysis Utilization

Insight can perform current situation analysis and future predictions based on the issues and concerns of organizations.

*Please note that the analysis that can be performed may vary depending on the contents of the digital data. After reviewing the data that is provided, a specific theme will be determined through consultations.

  • Examples of Utilization in Child Consultation Centers

    Standardization of workflow across child consultation centers

    ・Visualization of differences between child consultation centers to confirm the degree of variation in their workflow, and bringing their awareness of the current situation in line with each other

    Discussion on increasing the capacity of temporary shelter

    ・Visualization of the trend in the number of temporary custody cases and the trend in the number of occupants of temporary shelter.
    ・Prediction of future needs for temporary custody.

  • Examples of Utilization in Municipalities

    Confirming facts for consideration of referral criteria for child consultation centers

    ・Visualization of the trend of cases accepted by child consultation centers when they are referred.

    Advancing the development of Child Welfare Services

    ・Visualization and prediction of consultation response cases to consider staffing numbers and other factors.

Characteristics of Our Data Analysis Service

  • 01
    Analysis based on expertise in child welfare

    We conduct analyses based on the knowledge and expertise in child welfare to address issues and concerns in the field.

  • 02
    Analysis tailored to the intended use

    We select analysis methods tailored to the intended use, such as basic aggregation, statistical analysis, and artificial intelligence (machine learning). For themes that require proposing new policies, we use analysis methods that can explain the basis.

  • 03
    Minimal burden on municipalities for data collection

    There is no need to create data specifically for analysis. We use data accumulated in the business system for analysis.

Service flow

  • Consultation and contract

  • Data reception

  • Analysis

  • Report delivery

Consultation and contract

We will listen to your concerns and needs, as well as the data you have on hand to set the issues to be addressed. Based on the content of the consultation, we will provide you with an estimate and a tentative schedule.

Data reception

We will receive the data by mail or visit. We will conduct preliminary analysis and have another consultation based on the results.


We will conduct the analysis and summarize it in a report.

Report delivery

We will deliver the analysis report in PDF format.

(Bookbinding and delivery by mail are also available for a fee.)

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