AiCAN Service

business support service

What is AiCAN Service?

How can we prevent child abuse fatalities? We believe that one of the answers is "leveraging ICT and data utilization.” AiCAN Service is a "Accompanying business support service" designed to improve the "speed" and "quality of decision-making" in child abuse response by incorporating ICT and data utilization, and to create a system to prevent oversight.

  • ICT

    Users can view and input records anytime, anywhere using a tablet device and a dedicated application. This streamlines makes recording and information sharing more efficient.

  • Data utilization

    Objective decision-making can be made based on the analysis of accumulated data, from risks in individual cases to overall regional trends.

  • Accompanying support

    We provide support tailored to each organization's issues, including staff training to effectively incorporate ICT and data utilization into operations.

We are currently providing services for child consultation centers, and as of the 2023 fiscal year, we have released services targeted at municipal child abuse response departments.

Service Details

By implementing a PDCA cycle based on data,
we aim to transform the workflow and decision-making process itself,
and to resolve issues faced by the field.

What is AiCAN Application?

The "AiCAN" app, which shares the same name as our company, is a SaaS platform that supports child consultation center staff and others who respond to child abuse. It consists of a web app that can be used from tablet devices, a cloud database, and AI for data analysis.

Main Functions

  • Registration of basic child information and progress records
  • Listed survey items and guided display for easy entry, even for first-time users
  • Chat and photo-taking functions to facilitate information sharing
  • Secure closed network for input and viewing while on the move or during visits
  • AI analysis to display similar cases and probability of recurrence of abuse to support decision-making and management (*Requires accumulation of a certain amount of data)
  • Output of various official documents
  • Electronic settlement
  • Information sharing with other agencies (under development)

Easy-to-use screen design

AiCAN's user interface (UI) is designed to be easy to use in line with the workflow of the field. The design is intuitive and easy to understand for both input and output, using illustrations and graphs to visualize information.As a SaaS service that is constantly evolving, we regularly update functions and designs to adapt to legal revisions and make small improvements even after implementation. We provide operational training that covers the key points for all plans upon implementation, so even those who are unfamiliar with tablet operations can use the service with confidence.

Changes in workflow

Implementing AiCAN services will change the way
you do business.

What AiCAN can do for you

Improvement of the quality of decision-making

In the field of child welfare service, it is always required to make "appropriate decision-making" based on limited information.
In addition to providing training on investigation and assessment, AiCAN Service supports consistent and reasonable decision-making by displaying AI simulation results as objective information for assessment, independent of staff experience and cognitive bias.


By using portable tablets to record during spare time, and utilizing chat and photo capture functions to share information in real-time, it is possible to reduce time loss due to travel or missed phone calls. By streamlining work processes, more time can be devoted to providing human support that only people can provide.

Human Resource Development

For child welfare workers, who are required to have a high level of expertise, guidance from experienced supervisors is essential. However, there is a shortage of experienced staff compared to the increase in personnel, and it is not always possible to receive timely advice. AiCAN not only assists decision-making based on data accumulated from the experience of predecessors, but also supports the development of young staff by creating opportunities to think about "why the risk is high."

Data-driven policy making

In order to keep children safe, it is essential to have an organizational structure that allows for the implementation of responses based on risk assessment. In addition to case-by-case suggestions, we will forecast macro trends such as the increase in the number of consultations, the number of staff needed in the future, and the capacity for temporary custody, which can be used as the basis for policy making.

Effects of introduction


We have received the following comments from actual users.

  • Daily use immediately
    after introduction

    I use AiCAN for most of my survey documentation and risk assessments. It is convenient to type anywhere. The ability to copy records of sibling cases is helpful.

    Child Welfare Officer,
    3 years of experience

  • Share the evidence for decision making by referring to the AI-based analysis

    By referring to the "past protection rate," one of the indicators of AiCAN's AI, during the emergency acceptance meeting, both the director and the section chief were able to share a common understanding regarding decisions on temporary custody.

    Child Welfare Officer,
    10 years of experience

  • Supporting Team Communication

    When three teams went to three agencies at the same time for temporary custody of siblings, they were able to share the entire situation each time via group chat, which allowed them to make quick decisions on how to respond.

    Child Welfare Officer,
    2 years of experience

If you are considering introducing this system,
please contact us from the "Contact Us" page.

Documents about AiCAN can be downloaded free of charge
from the "Download" page.