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Child Welfare Support Services

This service provides support to agencies on the front lines of child abuse and neglect, such as child consultation centers, childcare support divisions, and maternal and child health divisions of municipalities. We provide effective support to staff who work directly with children and families, providing business systems to facilitate their work and making proposals based on data analysis.

  • AiCAN ServiceAccompanying
    business support service

    We have introduced an AI-based SaaS system as a solution to issues in the child welfare field. This is a supportive service that accompanies users in solving problems by utilizing data.

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  • Insight Data analysis service for child consultation centers and municipalities

    This is a data analysis service specialized in the child welfare field that analyzes data already owned by municipalities to visualize changes in consultation situations over time and trends by region. This service can be used to organize issues and formulate policies.

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  • EmpowerPractical Training
    for staffs

    Empower is a practical training program based on research and knowledge for staff members of child consultation centers and municipalities. This is a hybrid format combining video viewing and exercises.

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Research Projects

Research Projects

In the field of child welfare, evidence-based responses and policy decisions are essential. We conduct research and surveys aimed at understanding the current situation, identifying issues, and proposing solutions. In addition to our own projects, we are also commissioned by government agencies.

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