Practical Training for staffs

Empower : Practical Training for staffs

"Empower" is a training service for child protection practice based on research findings. In recent years, there has been a shortage of staff in the field of child welfare nationwide, with more than half of the employees having worked for less than three years. While they are expected to work as immediate workforce, the field of child abuse response is a continuous series of situations where they cannot learn from theory alone and ask themselves "what should I do?" There are many management officials who are aware of the challenges of developing human resources, such as "young staff is increasing, but it is difficult to spend time on training" and "the ability to respond varies depending on the staff." Empower was developed to respond to such urgent voices. It is a training service on investigation, assessment, and support based on research findings, where participants can learn practical tips that they can use immediately after learning basic knowledge, such as "how to listen" and "how to assess." It is also linked to the functions of the app provided by AiCAN service, so by taking the training, participants can use the app more effectively.

Training content:

The training is in a hybrid format, combining video lectures with practical exercises.

  • Basic Course

    ・Notification response training
    ・Initial investigation training
    ・Assessment training

  • Advanced Course

    ・DV case response training
    ・Sexual abuse case response training
    ・Training on responding to aggressive or resistant caregivers

We will continue to add more content in the future.

Application method:

For municipal officials:

If you wish to apply for organizational unit participation, please contact us through the inquiry form

For individuals:

A trial version is planned to be conducted in 2023. Details will be announced on this website as soon as they are available.

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